The membership and monthly fees have been amalgamated into one monthly fee.

Choose the type of membership you or your athlete fall under:-

  • Single Junior Membership (up to age 18 or in full time education)
  • Dual Junior Membership (2 children in the family)
  • Triple Junior Membership (3 children in the family)
  • Senior First Claim Membership
  • Senior Second Claim Membership
  • NAAC Supporter (non-competing) Membership
  • NAAC Competitor (if your athlete is in CAP and not in the main club but wants to compete for the club)
  • Club Access Programme (CAP)

Please ensure that the “Pre-authorised” box is ticked for payments to come off your bank automatically. If you are a UK tax payer and are willing to donate gift aid please tick the box to allow us to claim back the funds to help the club grow.

Paysubsonline is the platform where all important contact information is held. Coaches also use this platform to extract details for competitions and events, please ensure the details held are up to date.

All membership revenue is used to pay track fee’s, insurance, purchase new equipment, ensure coaches are up to date with coach education, subsidies travel to competitions and entry to some events. All money raised is re-invested into the club.

For further information please email