NAAC has grown steadily over the past couple of years to the point where together we have a club that has over 60 junior members, over 20 seniors, a jog group that has up to 50 regular attenders and not forgetting our grass root mini athletes where we have in the region of 30 kids across both classes. Our numbers continue to grow and the club has researched several methods to bring our membership and payment process into the modern era, to make an easily accessible and useable system both for our members and our committee and coaches to use.

We are excited to announce that we have joined with an online company, Paysubs, who provide the club with an easy to use platform for our Athletes to register and pay the Annual Membership and also monthly training fee. Your information will be stored electronically in a highly encrypted secure system, that will allow you to amend details of the members easily if required and will allow the club to contact you, and also have the athletes contact/emergency information at the touch of a button.

Pay Subs Online take’s the security of your information very seriously. Information is stored securely on dedicated servers housed in a 2000 m2 purpose built data centre. When transferring data between servers and the user’s computer (administrators and members), they use the same technology as banks and financial institutions – SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to protect the information.

The club will move onto this system in stages. Firstly the Junior Members will, as of Monday 23rd February 2015 be asked to go onto the club website and follow the link that will take you to the Paysubs Website and complete a new membership form. On completion of the form and by following the onscreen instructions you will then be taken to a Direct Debit Mandate page where you will complete this mandate for the Annual Membership fee for 2015/16 which is £20. If you have two children then there is a second option for that fee at £40.

Paysubs uses GoCardless as the facilitator for the direct debits, Who use military grade encryption to keep financial information safe. Registered with the FCA, GoCardless accesses the Direct Debit network through its sponsor bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland.
Direct Debit is the UK’s preferred way to take regular payments with over £1 trillion collected each year.
Direct Debit payments are backed by the Direct Debit Guarantee which protects customers from payments taken in error. In the case of any incorrect or fraudulent payments, the payer is entitled to a full and immediate refund from their bank giving members who pay by Direct Debit complete peace of mind.
Administrative access to membership software is through a unique username and password which have been authenticated and encrypted for maximum security.
Members access their account through a system generated password. Members are encouraged to change their password when they first login. This allows members the ability to update their personal details when required.
We encourage all members to renew as soon as possible after the opening date. Although you may be paying early, you will still be covered for the Year from April to April. Early completion will allow the club to capture the data quickly on the new system. The second stage will be for the Junior members to set up their monthly training subs, also on the new online system. This will be by the same process of selecting the relevant additional extra of £15 per month for one child, or £25 per month for two.

The system is user friendly, but if anyone has any problems completing the process then the club will be more than happy to assist them at the training hut on a Monday and Thursday evening between 6 and 7 30 pm.

Thanks for your continued support

NAAC Committee