Indoor League First Fixture Sunday 6th December 2015

Sunday 6th of December was the first of 3 Indoor League fixtures for the athletes of North Ayrshire Athletics Club. For many, this was their first taste of competing and everyone gave 100% and did their club proud.  Not all results were available but the highlights include:

Stephen Reid grabbing not only 1st place for long jump for u15 boys, but also smashing his previous PB for high jump and getting another 1st place

Ross Booth 2nd place for u11 boys standing long jump

Dylan Cassidy, competing in his first Indoor League coming 3rd place for u15 boys 60m

Ben Heron grabbing 2nd place for u11 boys 60m

Ellie Davidson getting 2nd place for u13 girls 60m hurdles

A massive well done to all athletes who took part, and also a very big thank you to all volunteers who gave up their Sunday to help out. The club wouldn’t be what it is without these volunteers.

Indoor League

Report by Jamie Maitland

Jamie is a former athlete of the club who has moved away from the training side and is now going to be volunteering.  (part of his role includes writing reports after competitions)  NAAC understands that there sometimes comes a point when athletes feel they no longer wish to train and we want to find a place for these athletes at the club.  Jamie will be working towards his Saltire Award and we wish him good luck!  

NAAC Awards Night 27th November 2015

On Friday the 27th November, the athletes and coaches at North Ayrshire Athletics Club swapped their tracksuits for party clothes as they hosted their annual awards at the Civic Centre in Ardrossan. Awards were given to all athletes who competed throughout the year and a new bespoke points system, which rewards not only performance but also attendance, was implemented this year to make them the fairest club awards in the history of the club.

The age group category top three were as follows:

Under 11 Boys

1st Ben Heron

2nd Ross Booth

3rd John Lynn

Under 11 Girls

1st Leah Murray

2nd Niamh Gaffney

3rd Mia Oliver

Under 13 Boys

1st Fraser Inches

2nd Aiden Boyd

3rd Aiden Brindley

Under 13 Girls

1st Ellie Davison

2nd Megan Pettigrew

3rd Mia MacDowell

Under 15 Boys

1st Steven Reid

2nd Alexander Orderley

3rd Robbie McTaggart

Under 15 Girls

1st Pheobe Lewis

2nd Lara Diamond

3rd Carla Murray

Under 17 Girls

1st Ellie Fulton

Under 20 Girls

1st Shona Blades

Under 20 Boys

1st Mark Holliman

Overall awards were also presented including:

Junior Athletes of the Year

Leah Murray and Ben Heron

Athletes of the Year

Phoebe Lewis and Mark Holliman

Senior Athletes of the Year

John Leitch and Dave Carpenter

Club Spirit Award

Lara Diamond

Club Ambassador Award

Sharon Law

Jog Scotland Award

John Stewart

Bill Simpson Award

Lesley Lynn

A small minding was given to the hard working coaches and committee members as a thank you for all their hard work throughout the year. It really has been an amazing year on and off the track for the club with some highlights including gaining promotion to Division 2 in the CSSAL League, the club hosting the first ever primary school championships at the track, and of course the club winning Scottish Athletics Impact Club of the Year 2015. The club has grown massively this year with an increase in athletes, volunteers and pay as you go users and we’re sure these numbers will continue to grow next year.

Finally we look forward to the first Indoor League fixture of the season on Sunday 6th December and would like to wish all the athletes taking part good luck!

Exciting New Partnership Between NAAC and Vitality Health Rewards

We are delighted to bring you some exciting news about a new partnership between NAAC and Vitality Health Awards. This unique partnership not only benefits the club, but there’s some great incentives for anyone who signs up including a free tracker and monthly cinema tickets for the family. Further information to follow, but see the promotional video below for some tasters of the awards available to anyone who signs up.


NAAC and Vitality Health Rewards Partnership Promotional Video

10k in 10 week ! Are you up for the challenge ?

North Ayrshire Athletics Club this week launches their ‘10k in 10 weeks’ countdown, designed to get complete beginners up of the sofa and running in no time. On Sunday 6 September the Clubs first 10k will take place, and they are keen to stress that the race is open to everyone, regardless of age and ability.

The Club hopes to attract entrants to the 10k from the local community and beyond, whether experienced runners looking for a new PB, first timers looking to set a new challenge, or those choosing to run for a charity close to their heart.

The race, nicknamed ‘race the prom’ will take runners on a scenic route along Ardrossan and Saltcoats promenade, before heading for a loop of Auchenharvie Golf course. The race will start and finish at the athletics track at St Matthew’s Academy and will be on a mainly flat course.

For the next 10 weeks, the athletics club will publish a weekly training plan for readers to follow, along with tips and advice from club coach Lesley Lynn. The training programme starts gently with a walk/jog mix and works up to getting you moving a bit longer week after week.

Lesley commented “10k is a distance for everyone; no matter your running ability or experience, it is an achievable distance with a little bit of training. If you can find 3 -4 times a week to exercise, then the 10k is within your reach.

“The beauty of running means that you can work to your own timetable and fit it around your own schedule, whether squeezing in a run in your lunch hour or after the kids go to bed. It’s also an inexpensive sport, you just need to invest in a pair of trainers and off you go!”

Lesley’s top 10 tips to get you started….
1. Start slow and build up gradually, too much too soon can result in injury
2. Run with a friend or a group – the company really motivates you and spurs you on
3. Keep a training diary and track your progress – it’s amazing how quickly you will see yourself get fitter and faster! There are many apps you can download for your phone that will track your progress
4. Trainers!! Make sure they have some form of cushioning, you don’t need anything fancy or expensive but they must be comfortable.
5. Hydrate. Its good practice to run with water and take small sips little and often.
6. Nutrition is key! What works for one won’t work for another, play around different options and see what suits you. Eat 2-3 hours before you run, banana, toast, porridge and pasta are all good carbohydrate sources.
7. Start each run with a gentle warm up – gentle jog, stair climbs, marching etc just to get the muscles warmed up and your body prepared to work!
8. Just as important to cool down! Make sure your heart rate and breathing return to normal by walking a little at the end of your run and not just stopping.
9. Set yourself a goal. Look for a local event that you can enter and train towards, such as the NAAC 10k
10. Stay safe. Stick to lit up areas, run with a mobile phone, always carry some money and wear reflective clothing if possible

Week 1
1. Walk 1 min/jog 1 min for 10 mins,
2. Walk 1 min/jog 1 min for 12 mins,
3. Cross train* 45 mins.

Week 2
1. Walk 1 min/jog 1 min for 15 mins,
2. Walk 1 min/jog 2 mins for 15 mins, 3.
Cross train* 45 mins

Week 3
1. Walk 1 min/jog 1 min for 20 mins,
2. Walk 1 min/jog 2 mins for 20 mins,
3. Cross train* 45 mins

Week 4
1. Walk 1 min/jog 2 mins for 20 mins,
2. Walk 1 min/jog 1 min for 25 mins ,
3. Cross train* 45 mins

Week 5
1. Walk 1 min/jog 3 mins for 15 mins,
2. Walk 1 min/jog 4 mins for 15 mins,
3. Cross train* 45 mins

Week 6
1. Walk 1 min/jog 4 mins for 15 mins, ,
2. Walk 1 min/jog 2 min for 35 mins, (aiming to cover 5k distance)
3. Cross train* 45 mins

Week 7
1. Jog 5 mins, rest 1 min x 5
2. Jog 4 mins/walk 1 min x 7
3. Jog 8 mins/walk 2 mins x 4
4. Cross train* 45 mins

Week 8
1. Jog 10 mins/walk 1 min x 4,
2. Jog 12 mins/walk 3 mins x 4,
3. 3. Jog 4 mins/walk 1 min x 5,
4. Cross train* 45 mins

Week 9
1. Jog 20 mins/walk 4 mins x 4,
2. Jog 15 mins,
3. Jog 10 mins/walk 2 mins x 3
4. Cross train* 45 mins

Week 10
1. Jog 10 mins/walk 2 mins x 3,
2. Jog 5 mins/walk 1 min x 3,
3. Cross train 45 mins,

West FM’s newsreader Vicky Murray will be following North Ayrshire Athletics Club ‘10 weeks to 10k Countdown’ and will share her experiences with readers every week. Here is Vicky’s story.

“I decided a few weeks ago it was time to bite the bullet and get myself fit and in better shape for the summer. I realise I’ve left it quite late to come to this conclusion as summer, if there is such a beast in Scotland, is right around the corner, so I thought running might be the best option for the quickest results. I’ve been doing a little running for a few weeks, although when I say running I really mean dragging myself helplessly round the local park – but it’s good fun (except for the time I was chased by two dogs.) So I was quite excited when I was approached by North Ayrshire Athletics Club to try their ‘ Couch to 10K in 10 weeks’ countdown, because to be quite honest I could be doing with all the help I can get.

“I’m not great at running or at sticking to my own made up plans. At the moment I run for a minute and walk for two and I repeat this for half an hour, but I’m working on my own and my motivation is waning. I’m the first to admit I’m overweight – I do try and exercise as much as I can. I do a bit of kettlebells in the house and I occasionally go to a class every now and again – but like I said it’s hard to stay focused and stick to the plan when it’s you that’s making up the rules.

“Now, like most women nowadays I’m a busy working mum. When I’m not sitting behind the mic reading the news for West FM and West Sound I’m out and about getting stories or I’m training kids in radio, trying to run my own business or spending time with my family. So time is tight and I need a plan that can work for me and help me to achieve my goals and fit in around my busy life.

“I thought while doing myself some good I would do some good for others too – so I plan to raise money for Cash for Kids while I’m in the process. All the money raised in Ayrshire stays in Ayrshire to help underprivileged and disabled kids and that will be incentive enough for me to do this. So for the next 10 weeks I’ll be sticking the countdown plan created by the North Ayrshire Athletics Club and you can join in with me and let me know how you’re getting on – let’s do this together.

“Find me on Facebook at ‘Couch to 10k in 10 weeks’ and you can see how I get on. I’m heading down to North Ayrshire Athletics Club this week for the first time and will take part in the ‘jogscotland group’ so I’m looking forward to meeting some likeminded people trying to get fit like myself. I’ve set myself a challenge for this week of completing a 10k walk – just to get my timings and I’ll report back to you next week on how I get on. If you fancy getting yourself up off the couch and joining me for the North Ayrshire 10k then why not get in touch.”

The 10k route been officially measured by Scottish Athletics and all timing will be done by state of the art eclectic individual chip devices to ensure the most accurate of times. The race costs £12 to enter (£10 if you are a Scottish Athletics member). All finishers will receive a goodie bag which includes a sport fit specially designed MoreMile t-shirt and other sporting kit worth £20. To enter the race, visit For more information contact the club on

Issued by: Claire Duncan
Tel: 07415 105068


This is a new race organised by North Ayrshire Athletics Club, and supported by KA Leisure and North Ayrshire Council.

11am Start Time
Under SAL regulation

Pre Entry by 4th September 2015 or whenever the race limit is reached, whichever is earlier. Please enter asap to avoid disappointment. Entries will be accepted on the day of the race only if places are available.

Timing will be via a Race Chip.  Please arrive early to collect your number with chip, to allow sufficient time to get to the start of the race. All competitors must be at least 15 years old on the day of the race.

The start and finish of the race takes place on the athletics arena within the grounds of St Matthews Academy.

Registration takes place within the KA Leisure Campus in St Matthews Academy, and will open at 9am on the day of the race.  Changing and toilets are available at registration.

The race follows a very flat route which includes scenic promenade, a short section of trail alongside a golf course, old railway track and some sections of pavement, with one small hill in the second half of the race.  Runners are advised to remain on pavements and refrain from running along the roadside.  There will be plenty of marshals on route and the course will be well signed.

Limited parking is available within the school grounds.  Marshals will direct to overflow parking if required. The school is a 10min walk from Ardrossan South Beach Railway station with the 09:40 train from Glasgow central arriving at 10:25am. The 09:54 train from Largs arrives at 10:11am.

T-shirt and goodie bag worth £20 for all 10K finishers.


Annual Membership Due Now
Please note that membership for the season 2015/2016 is now due, as previously communicated to you this is using the new online platform, its essential for the club that this is done before the financial year end 31/03/15 to allow our accounts to be signed off and passed before OSCR the Scottish Charity regulator. If you are having difficulty accessing the online platform or pay system please email our Membership secretary Gemma on or pop down to the track on a Thursday night where she will be able to assist you. Please note although it is our intention in the fullness of time to use this same system to collect the £15 a month training fees this will be communicated with you and you do not need to sign up to this at the moment, please do not cancel your standing order.

Membership Options

Jnr -​£20​- athletes up to the age of 18 or in full time education
Snr -​£30​- athletes over the age 18
Family-​£60​- two adults and two children who compete for the club
Associate-​£10​- athletes who wish to compete for club but have registered first claim with another Scottish club.
JogScotland​Free​- Any member of our popular jogging group
Mini Athletes​Free​- Any mini or CAP athlete

The above fee includes an annual levy which we pay to Scottish Athletics for insurance purposes for each athlete, this is not to be confused with your SA number which is your own membership with Scottish athletics which allows you to compete.

Many thanks

Blair Pettigrew

Club Chairman


NAAC has grown steadily over the past couple of years to the point where together we have a club that has over 60 junior members, over 20 seniors, a jog group that has up to 50 regular attenders and not forgetting our grass root mini athletes where we have in the region of 30 kids across both classes. Our numbers continue to grow and the club has researched several methods to bring our membership and payment process into the modern era, to make an easily accessible and useable system both for our members and our committee and coaches to use.

We are excited to announce that we have joined with an online company, Paysubs, who provide the club with an easy to use platform for our Athletes to register and pay the Annual Membership and also monthly training fee. Your information will be stored electronically in a highly encrypted secure system, that will allow you to amend details of the members easily if required and will allow the club to contact you, and also have the athletes contact/emergency information at the touch of a button.

Pay Subs Online take’s the security of your information very seriously. Information is stored securely on dedicated servers housed in a 2000 m2 purpose built data centre. When transferring data between servers and the user’s computer (administrators and members), they use the same technology as banks and financial institutions – SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to protect the information.

The club will move onto this system in stages. Firstly the Junior Members will, as of Monday 23rd February 2015 be asked to go onto the club website and follow the link that will take you to the Paysubs Website and complete a new membership form. On completion of the form and by following the onscreen instructions you will then be taken to a Direct Debit Mandate page where you will complete this mandate for the Annual Membership fee for 2015/16 which is £20. If you have two children then there is a second option for that fee at £40.

Paysubs uses GoCardless as the facilitator for the direct debits, Who use military grade encryption to keep financial information safe. Registered with the FCA, GoCardless accesses the Direct Debit network through its sponsor bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland.
Direct Debit is the UK’s preferred way to take regular payments with over £1 trillion collected each year.
Direct Debit payments are backed by the Direct Debit Guarantee which protects customers from payments taken in error. In the case of any incorrect or fraudulent payments, the payer is entitled to a full and immediate refund from their bank giving members who pay by Direct Debit complete peace of mind.
Administrative access to membership software is through a unique username and password which have been authenticated and encrypted for maximum security.
Members access their account through a system generated password. Members are encouraged to change their password when they first login. This allows members the ability to update their personal details when required.
We encourage all members to renew as soon as possible after the opening date. Although you may be paying early, you will still be covered for the Year from April to April. Early completion will allow the club to capture the data quickly on the new system. The second stage will be for the Junior members to set up their monthly training subs, also on the new online system. This will be by the same process of selecting the relevant additional extra of £15 per month for one child, or £25 per month for two.

The system is user friendly, but if anyone has any problems completing the process then the club will be more than happy to assist them at the training hut on a Monday and Thursday evening between 6 and 7 30 pm.

Thanks for your continued support

NAAC Committee


The NAAC mega prize raffle was launched after training on Monday night and we are delighted that all 200 envelopes were taken by our club members. There is another batch being prepared for Thursday so don’t worry if you didn’t get any of the first lot.

2 hospitality tickets for Scotland V Gibraltar on the 29th March. These give the winner parking at the ground, pre match non alcoholic drinks, padded exec seats for the match, half time access to exec lounge with snacks and non alcoholic drinks then post match refreshments in the lounge, this time including alcoholic drinks. (if winner does not wish to drive we will include return train tickets to the match from stations in the north Ayrshireraffle area)

Remember, there will be a cash prize for the member who sells the most envelopes so go for it and lets see how much we can raise for the club.

If we have a tie in the number sold a draw will be made for this prize aslo.

NAAC Athlete to Run For Team GB


North Ayrshire Athletics Club have taken some massive steps forward over the past 18 months both on and off the track but this latest bit of news could possibly eclipse it all. Senior club athlete Sharon Law has been selected for Team GB in the International Association of Ultra runners 24 Hour world (incorporating the European) Championships in Turin 11-12 April 2015.

Sharon is one of a team of 11 Brits selected to run in this ultra tough race and one of only four Scot’s. Sharon is no stranger to ultra events having claimed the Bronze medal in 24hour European championships two years in the woman’s race wimageith a mouth-watering race distance of 226.107km.

It is the first time Sharon will compe as a member of NAAC having joined the club last year. Sharon had this to say about North Ayrshire “I’ve been involved in running all my life and have watched with interest North Ayrshire Athletics club grow over the past year and really wanted to be a part of it. I’ve been really impressed with the organisation and commitment of the club since I joined and it’s a really good group of athletes” Sharon also said this regarding her selection “ I’m delighted to have been selected to compete for team GB again, to represent your country is the highest honour any athlete can receive. Competition for places is really high and it’s a strong squad I’m just really delighted to be part of the squad. I’ve been training hard and I’m hoping to go out there and get a personal best and you never known maybe be in the mix with the medallists on the podium”

Club Chairman Blair Pettigrew said “I’m delighted for Sharon, her inclusion in the team is down to year of hard work and dedication to her sport. Ultra running is, in my opinion, one the toughest sports in the world. To have someone from NAAC representing team GB in the world championships will give everyone in the club a huge confidence boost. Sharon is a great role model to have at the club to hopefully inspire some of our younger members to follow in her footsteps and they too can pull on that famous red white and blue Nike vest for team GB.

Team GB 24 hour manager Richard Brown said “This is the strongest team we have put into the field and they will be fighting hard to follow in the footsteps of our successful 100km squad who secured medals at their recent world championship”

Sharon is a manager for K:A leisure one the clubs key partners and trains with other club members at the K:A campus track at St Mathews Academy in Saltcoats. The club has classes for non members including a very popular JogScotland group which meets on a Tuesday night at the track. For more information on all the training and community coaching programme check facebook or the clubs webpage or email


Due to the high winds, training is cancelled tonight. With school being closed, transport chaos and general safety in mind we have decided this is the only choice we have.

See you all on Monday or Sunday for the minis.