10k in 10 week ! Are you up for the challenge ?

North Ayrshire Athletics Club this week launches their ‘10k in 10 weeks’ countdown, designed to get complete beginners up of the sofa and running in no time. On Sunday 6 September the Clubs first 10k will take place, and they are keen to stress that the race is open to everyone, regardless of age and ability.

The Club hopes to attract entrants to the 10k from the local community and beyond, whether experienced runners looking for a new PB, first timers looking to set a new challenge, or those choosing to run for a charity close to their heart.

The race, nicknamed ‘race the prom’ will take runners on a scenic route along Ardrossan and Saltcoats promenade, before heading for a loop of Auchenharvie Golf course. The race will start and finish at the athletics track at St Matthew’s Academy and will be on a mainly flat course.

For the next 10 weeks, the athletics club will publish a weekly training plan for readers to follow, along with tips and advice from club coach Lesley Lynn. The training programme starts gently with a walk/jog mix and works up to getting you moving a bit longer week after week.

Lesley commented “10k is a distance for everyone; no matter your running ability or experience, it is an achievable distance with a little bit of training. If you can find 3 -4 times a week to exercise, then the 10k is within your reach.

“The beauty of running means that you can work to your own timetable and fit it around your own schedule, whether squeezing in a run in your lunch hour or after the kids go to bed. It’s also an inexpensive sport, you just need to invest in a pair of trainers and off you go!”

Lesley’s top 10 tips to get you started….
1. Start slow and build up gradually, too much too soon can result in injury
2. Run with a friend or a group – the company really motivates you and spurs you on
3. Keep a training diary and track your progress – it’s amazing how quickly you will see yourself get fitter and faster! There are many apps you can download for your phone that will track your progress
4. Trainers!! Make sure they have some form of cushioning, you don’t need anything fancy or expensive but they must be comfortable.
5. Hydrate. Its good practice to run with water and take small sips little and often.
6. Nutrition is key! What works for one won’t work for another, play around different options and see what suits you. Eat 2-3 hours before you run, banana, toast, porridge and pasta are all good carbohydrate sources.
7. Start each run with a gentle warm up – gentle jog, stair climbs, marching etc just to get the muscles warmed up and your body prepared to work!
8. Just as important to cool down! Make sure your heart rate and breathing return to normal by walking a little at the end of your run and not just stopping.
9. Set yourself a goal. Look for a local event that you can enter and train towards, such as the NAAC 10k
10. Stay safe. Stick to lit up areas, run with a mobile phone, always carry some money and wear reflective clothing if possible

Week 1
1. Walk 1 min/jog 1 min for 10 mins,
2. Walk 1 min/jog 1 min for 12 mins,
3. Cross train* 45 mins.

Week 2
1. Walk 1 min/jog 1 min for 15 mins,
2. Walk 1 min/jog 2 mins for 15 mins, 3.
Cross train* 45 mins

Week 3
1. Walk 1 min/jog 1 min for 20 mins,
2. Walk 1 min/jog 2 mins for 20 mins,
3. Cross train* 45 mins

Week 4
1. Walk 1 min/jog 2 mins for 20 mins,
2. Walk 1 min/jog 1 min for 25 mins ,
3. Cross train* 45 mins

Week 5
1. Walk 1 min/jog 3 mins for 15 mins,
2. Walk 1 min/jog 4 mins for 15 mins,
3. Cross train* 45 mins

Week 6
1. Walk 1 min/jog 4 mins for 15 mins, ,
2. Walk 1 min/jog 2 min for 35 mins, (aiming to cover 5k distance)
3. Cross train* 45 mins

Week 7
1. Jog 5 mins, rest 1 min x 5
2. Jog 4 mins/walk 1 min x 7
3. Jog 8 mins/walk 2 mins x 4
4. Cross train* 45 mins

Week 8
1. Jog 10 mins/walk 1 min x 4,
2. Jog 12 mins/walk 3 mins x 4,
3. 3. Jog 4 mins/walk 1 min x 5,
4. Cross train* 45 mins

Week 9
1. Jog 20 mins/walk 4 mins x 4,
2. Jog 15 mins,
3. Jog 10 mins/walk 2 mins x 3
4. Cross train* 45 mins

Week 10
1. Jog 10 mins/walk 2 mins x 3,
2. Jog 5 mins/walk 1 min x 3,
3. Cross train 45 mins,

West FM’s newsreader Vicky Murray will be following North Ayrshire Athletics Club ‘10 weeks to 10k Countdown’ and will share her experiences with readers every week. Here is Vicky’s story.

“I decided a few weeks ago it was time to bite the bullet and get myself fit and in better shape for the summer. I realise I’ve left it quite late to come to this conclusion as summer, if there is such a beast in Scotland, is right around the corner, so I thought running might be the best option for the quickest results. I’ve been doing a little running for a few weeks, although when I say running I really mean dragging myself helplessly round the local park – but it’s good fun (except for the time I was chased by two dogs.) So I was quite excited when I was approached by North Ayrshire Athletics Club to try their ‘ Couch to 10K in 10 weeks’ countdown, because to be quite honest I could be doing with all the help I can get.

“I’m not great at running or at sticking to my own made up plans. At the moment I run for a minute and walk for two and I repeat this for half an hour, but I’m working on my own and my motivation is waning. I’m the first to admit I’m overweight – I do try and exercise as much as I can. I do a bit of kettlebells in the house and I occasionally go to a class every now and again – but like I said it’s hard to stay focused and stick to the plan when it’s you that’s making up the rules.

“Now, like most women nowadays I’m a busy working mum. When I’m not sitting behind the mic reading the news for West FM and West Sound I’m out and about getting stories or I’m training kids in radio, trying to run my own business or spending time with my family. So time is tight and I need a plan that can work for me and help me to achieve my goals and fit in around my busy life.

“I thought while doing myself some good I would do some good for others too – so I plan to raise money for Cash for Kids while I’m in the process. All the money raised in Ayrshire stays in Ayrshire to help underprivileged and disabled kids and that will be incentive enough for me to do this. So for the next 10 weeks I’ll be sticking the countdown plan created by the North Ayrshire Athletics Club and you can join in with me and let me know how you’re getting on – let’s do this together.

“Find me on Facebook at ‘Couch to 10k in 10 weeks’ and you can see how I get on. I’m heading down to North Ayrshire Athletics Club this week for the first time and will take part in the ‘jogscotland group’ so I’m looking forward to meeting some likeminded people trying to get fit like myself. I’ve set myself a challenge for this week of completing a 10k walk – just to get my timings and I’ll report back to you next week on how I get on. If you fancy getting yourself up off the couch and joining me for the North Ayrshire 10k then why not get in touch.”

The 10k route been officially measured by Scottish Athletics and all timing will be done by state of the art eclectic individual chip devices to ensure the most accurate of times. The race costs £12 to enter (£10 if you are a Scottish Athletics member). All finishers will receive a goodie bag which includes a sport fit specially designed MoreMile t-shirt and other sporting kit worth £20. To enter the race, visit For more information contact the club on

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